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At Chapman Cubine Allen + Hussey (CCAH), we’re driven by the question, What’s Next? What’s next in multichannel marketing? In innovation? For our clients?

For over 30 years, CCAH has been on a quest to deliver award-winning direct marketing campaigns that have kept us at the forefront of the ever-changing direct marketing industry. The CCAH teams across the country are helping shape the future of omnichannel donor-centric marketing with impactful direct mail, multimedia digital, phone and mobile strategies. We embrace new ideas, innovative solutions and creative tactics that help our clients break through the clutter in our highly competitive field.

CCAH helps our clients deliver their promise to make the world a better place, and we’re proud to be part of their teams. Our work with global nonprofit organizations is driven by our passion for advancing change and commitment to activism that makes a difference. In fact, many of us have been in the trenches of political campaigns, part of the team at nonprofit organizations or made the leap from the corporate rat race to work for organizations that do great things.

If you’ve found yourself wondering what’s next for your organization, the answer lies in CCAH. We know we don’t have every answer, but we’ll never stop asking the question, what’s next?

Our Fearless Leaders

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Kim Cubine, President

As a kid, Kim worked in the tobacco fields of South Carolina and even drove a school bus during her senior year of high school. She has come a long way since then. “I didn’t see a lot of opportunity for women in the South at that time, so I came to Washington, DC. I wanted a challenging career that truly had a mission.” And she found it. After working for Bill Clinton during his presidential campaign and then during his second term in the White House, Kim joined our firm as a vice president, and worked her way into the firm’s name and top leadership position in 2011. Since then, she has overseen a period of major growth for Chapman Cubine & Hussey. “I love this job because we live our beliefs by only aiding causes we believe in and by always striving to do the right thing for our clients and staff.”

Kim graduated from the University of South Carolina and lives in Washington, DC with her husband Chris Quillian and their daughter Charley.

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Lon Chapman, Executive Vice President

During his 25 years at CCAH, Lon has distinguished himself as a creative powerhouse by pushing the boundaries of traditional direct marketing best practices and our use of technology and new media to reach donors. After joining the firm in 1993, he rapidly rose through the ranks becoming one of the firm’s vice presidents and principals within a matter of only years. Since then, he managed many of the firm’s largest and most prestigious accounts and has been recognized with dozens of industry awards.

“This is an exciting time for our industry,” said Lon when asked about the status of direct response fundraising. “We can’t afford to be afraid of change because we are facing a challenging future and the solution will not be a single thing: it will require advances in not only our use of data but in our creative product as well and making the most out of each media channel. That’s why I love what we do … I thrive on the new and dynamic.”

Lon lives in Northern California with his husband and is a graduate of the University of Alabama.

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Jenny Allen, Senior Vice President

Enthusiastic: that’s the word Jenny’s clients use to describe the vibrant personality of this highly successful account manager. “I sleep very well at night knowing that I am working for great causes that make a difference in the World.”

Since 2006, Jenny has managed the direct response programs of a wide range of CCAH’s clients, including … health-oriented charities … environmental movements … animal organizations … and women’s rights causes. “I’m just as dedicated and intense about these causes as any of my clients because I share their values.” Also known for her creativity, Jenny’s work has been recognized through numerous industry awards.

Jenny lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her wife Karen, and their three children: Jackson, Susie and Hunter, and is a graduate of West Chester University in Pennsylvania.

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John Wanda, Senior Vice President of Finance

John has literally come a long way. Born in the village of Bumwalukani in the Bududa District of Uganda, he immigrated to the United States with his family in the 1990’s. By 2006 he was working for CCAH and was made a principal in 2009.

“Working with such a group of inspired, committed individuals greatly appeals to me,” said John. “I’m proud of the way our company has changed with the times. And we are facing an even more competitive future and we will need to continue to evolve to stay on top.”

When John is not managing the financial affairs of CCAH, he is working with the school he created in his home village in Uganda… the Arlington Academy of Hope … which boasts an annual budget of almost $1 million and hosts more than 400 students. Everyone at the firm is proud of John’s heroic efforts, which have garnered the attention of the international press.

John earned degrees from Makerere University in Uganda and the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. He lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife Joyce and their four children, J.J., Christine, Craig and Chris.

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Pete Carter, Senior Vice President

“Nothing is more exhilarating than beating a long-standing control package,” said Pete when asked what he enjoyed most about his job. “A new acquisition package for one of my clients recently doubled the response rate from the old control. That’s what gets me excited!”

Pete has beaten a lot of control packages for many clients since he joined CCAH way back in 1995. As one of the firm’s top account managers, Pete works with some of the firm’s most important clients and also supervises the list planning department. “I worked within a nonprofit organization before joining CCAH,” said Pete. “So I intimately understand the pressures faced by our clients. I understand the necessity and importance of these organizations having the resources required to do what they do.  This motivates me every day.”

Pete is a graduate of University of Florida and lives in Washington, DC with his husband Craig Lustig and their son Joshua.

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Shannon Murphy, Senior Vice President of Production

Tagged with the nickname “Frugal Shanny” by an appreciative client, Shannon is known to work budget miracles. “I enjoy finding ways to produce packages less expensive and faster for our clients. It’s that simple.”

And she is very successful at her task. Since assuming the leadership of CCAH’s production department in 2006, Shannon has developed a well-earned reputation for being able to generate the best prices in the industry, saving our clients millions of dollars.

She is also optimistic about the future of fundraising. “These younger generations are very philanthropic, and that bodes well for the coming decades.”

Shannon lives in Springfield, Virginia with her husband Dan and daughter Madi, and studied Marketing at Northern Virginia Community College before joining CCAH in 1995.

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Brenna Holmes, Principal and Senior Vice President

Brenna joined CCAH just as Obama was being inaugurated—the first time—and in the past 11 years she’s grown CCAH’s digital services from two jack-of-all trades general strategists to a comprehensive in-house team of frontend developers, house-file and acquisition strategists, and digital specialists and coordinators of all stripes, enabling savvy clients to exponentially grow their digital and multichannel programs by creating multimedia surround sound campaigns that reach supporters no matter where they “live”. Her extensive background in public relations, cross-channel marketing and advocacy integration, combined with her passion for behavioral and decision science and crafting effective user experiences pushes staff and clients forward (often outside their comfort zones) to continue to grow.

Around the office, Brenna’s known as the “conference queen” and jumps at every opportunity to attend and present, whether it’s live, or via webinar or podcast, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking to fill a panel or session!

Brenna is a big believer in education and loves teaching in CCAH’s own MBA program for staff. She has two master’s degrees from Syracuse University (Go Orange!) and a BA from Sonoma State University in her home northern California wine country (she’s also an avid oenophile and equally at ease discussing varietals, wine regions or food pairings, as she is with nonprofit strategy).

Brenna currently lives in Navy Yard, in Washington DC with her husband Eric and two cats Parmigiano Reggiano (Reggie for short) and Kitcat.

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Chrissy Hyre, Principal and Senior Vice President

Throughout her career, Chrissy has been obsessed with driving innovative, impactful ways to communicate with donors and supporters. She has a particular passion for developing multichannel strategies designed to increase new donor recruitment, build midlevel programs, expand SMS fundraising and engagement, and grow monthly giving programs. Her wide breadth of experience in fundraising across channels has helped her pioneer new strategies to grow her clients’ programs – and nothing thrills her more than testing something totally out of box and new… especially if it’s successful!

Since (re)joining CCAH in 2009, she’s been a key part of the team in both our Bay Area and DC offices. Her work has been instrumental in the fundraising success for many well-known Democratic political organizations and candidates and progressive advocacy organizations.

Chrissy graduated from Radford University and lives in Alexandria, VA (though a piece of her hillbilly heart will always be in West Virginia.)

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Lynn Waller, Principal and Senior Vice President

Lynn began her fundraising career at CCAH in 1997 as the stats coordinator, rising through the ranks based on her keen fundraising insights and integrated program management skills. She has been in account services for the majority of her time at CCAH and has led account teams for some of CCAH’s largest clients. Most importantly, Lynn has tremendous experience with stratified, omni-channel programs – maximizing file growth and net revenue across channels. Over the years, she has lent her strategic and analytical experience to many different types of clients, including advocacy organizations, charities, financial institutions, and associations. Lynn is also a board member of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington Educational Foundation and a guest lecturer at James Madison University.

Lynn lives in Alexandria, VA and is a graduate of James Madison University – Go Dukes!

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