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CCAH clients have a full team of channel experts, not a few account managers who do direct mail, telemarketing, and online. We understand that integrated programs are more than just concurrent channels and our multichannel clients are staffed appropriately.

We offer fully integrated services to help you meet and exceed your goals.

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We want to change the world. CCAH is proud to raise the funds that enable our nonprofit clients to make the world a better place. From hospitals to civil liberties to animal-welfare groups to environmental organizations, we provide our clients with integrated: 

  • acquisition programs
  • house-file renewals and appeals
  • stewardship and cultivation programs
  • sustainer, mid-level, and high-dollar campaigns
  • planned-giving arrangements
  • event recruitment and peer-to-peer
  • whatever else they may need to support their work.

It’s simple, really: If we believe in a cause, we want to help it succeed. At CCAH, we know how to grab the attention of a potential donor, how to convince them that their passion can be furthered by your mission as an organization, and how to spur them into action.

And while we’re putting our professional expertise to work to grow our clients’ programs, we also put our legs, hands, backs, and other body parts to work as well. Whether it’s packing meals for indigent seniors, building houses for those in need, reading to at-risk kids, or raising funds by walking or running in ‘thons, our teams are out there — with one of our clients or on their own — doing our part to help change the world.

If your nonprofit is looking for new ways to increase revenue, attract volunteers, or simply raise awareness, we can make it happen. Let us show you how.


Results matter. Go with a team that never loses sight of the goal: WINNING. Campaign digital and advertising move at breakneck speed. You need a battle-tested team that is ready to match your speed on the ground, understand the terrain, and develop campaign-specific email programs. That’s why our team is headed up by campaign veterans who can help you build strategy, respond in the moment, and deliver victories. From robust list-building, to dynamic email campaigns, unparalleled SMS responsiveness, and cutting-edge persuasion ad targeting, the CCAH team is ready to hit the ground running. A key part in getting the job done at CCAH: We strive to make sure that your emails are never cookie-cutter. We make sure your online voice is as unique as your candidate so that donors are connected to your campaign – because when the chips are down, it’s campaigns with donors who care about the candidate – not just the odds – that blow the pundits away.

By the Numbers:

$80,000,000 and counting in digital fundraising

20MM+ voter conversations on the phone

4MM+ via text

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Email Programs That Deliver

As digital becomes an increasingly crowded field, more and more campaigns are losing their voices to cookie-cutter programs that emphasize nothing more than the odds of winning or how important the seat could be.

At CCAH, we know it’s not just headlines that matter. Donors need to feel connected to YOU to secure that extra gift when they have five emails from other candidates. They need to take pride in being part of your campaign, so they are invested in your fight, even when Nate Silver says another race is closer.

We make sure that our team spends time on the ground listening to your candidate, capturing their voice, and helping your supporters feel like they are part of a community. It’s that sense of connection that allows email programs fueled by donor pride to catch fire.

We’ve done it time and time again.

Let’s talk about how we can build a program like that for you.


With an average read rate of over 90%, SMS has created an important avenue for campaigns. Whether it’s for mobilizing volunteers, driving voter turnout, rapid response, or fundraising, our Fearless SMS team can light up phones across the country with peer-to-peer text messaging in a matter of minutes.

And our work from the 2018 cycle proves it. Our ability to quickly launch a one-to-one SMS campaign helped a large political organization communicate breaking news to their members within hours – raising 150% more than any previous effort. In 2018, we were able to reach out to more than a million targets a day in key states during GOTV to mobilize voters.

Our team knows you need to move NOW – and we are ready and waiting to help you do just that.

Let’s talk. 

Digital Advertising That Delivers

Your message is only as strong as your audience. You need an ad firm that understands that and listens to your voice – and that’s CCAH. Our team will work with you to deliver names that will perform time and time again, not just the first time they’re served an ad.

From native marketing, to lookalike modeling, to consumer behavior data, our team is constantly striving to find new avenues to deliver the names you need, based on the key performance indicators that matter to you. And not the other way around.

Our team goes well beyond analysis and buying. Our stable of graphic designers and copywriters allow CCAH to respond rapidly to breaking news moments and help build long-term strategies. 

Work with us.

Persuasion Advertising 

With the average consumer spending 11 hours per day split between phone, laptop, and televisions, it’s clear the voters you need to turn out don’t just live on TV – and you need a partner who will help you reach them and target them with a message that works.

The commercial sector has shifted the majority of its advertising budget to digital advertising. It develops ads that are completely tailored to the digital medium and the user’s experience. Not because it prefers one medium over the other, but because that’s where the eyeballs have shifted.

And this is a point that the GOP understands all too well. In 2016 and 2018 the GOP aggressively prioritized digital advertising, snapped up ad inventory, and dramatically outspent Democrats.

We’re here to help make sure you build a program that won’t let you get caught off guard.  From video production, to graphic design, to analytics to strategy, our team is built to deliver effective, targeted campaigns in real-time.

And because we are a full-service digital shop, our strategists can be there to help you build your digital persuasion plan from the beginning, not just in the final months, and that can be the difference in your fight.

Work with us.

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Fundraising is results-driven, and your digital strategy should be too. CCAH’s digital services will help you get the most out of every dollar of your online investment. Whether you are looking to get that second gift, increase your renewal and retention rates, convert subscribers and activists to donors, or grow your prospecting file, CCAH can craft the multimedia digital program that will meet and exceed your goals.

Our robust in-house team includes strategists, coders and UX specialists, digital designers, and analytics experts who will help your organization:

  • Acquire activists and donors who will be engaged and responsive to maximize long-term value
  • Build programmatic, search, and social advertising as well as email that inspires your supporters and furthers your cause
  • Maximize every interaction via creative and landing-page optimization testing
  • Pixel and track supporter behavior to feed campaign, program, and life-time value analyses

Learn more about our integrated Analytical offerings and get in touch to see how our digital expertise can enhance your overall program, whether you are focused on direct response, GOTV or persuasion.

Phones & Mobile

Reaching members by phone — whether via text message or phone call — increases engagement and raises more money. That’s why CCAH employs an integrated Phone and Mobile Services (PAMS) department to offer our clients specialized services in these fields.

We provide our customers with unmatched access to the best call centers where, every year, we leverage more than two million contacts to ensure our clients get the most attention and the best service.

In addition to traditional telemarketing, we’ve found mobile advocacy and fundraising to be so effective for our clients that we formed Fearless Mobile to explore this growing channel. Through highly personalized and responsive text messaging campaigns, we have helped push voters to the polls, encourage advocates to take action, and inspire supporters to give.

Ready to get started? Contact us to learn how our phone and mobile solutions can heighten your direct marketing efforts and help you win campaigns. 

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Direct Mail

You only have 10 seconds.

That’s how long it takes someone to decide whether to read and respond to your fundraising package … or toss it in the recycling. We’ve learned a few things by running successful direct-mail campaigns for over 30 years. We know what works and what doesn’t.

But we don’t rely solely on past experience and industry best practices. We are always looking for ways to improve response rates and donation amounts. Nearly every package we send out includes tests, with a different teaser … revised ask amounts … a new P.S. … some new element that leads to increased revenue for our clients.

Of course, there’s more to direct mail than just revenue.

  • Engagement and cultivation packages build strong, long-lasting relationships between your organization and your donors.
  • Our dedicated Acquisition Department — that’s right, we have a separate group of acquisition specialists who work with all our clients — is constantly developing ways to bring you new supporters, new donors, new members, or even new volunteers and activists.

What’s more, we’re always looking for ways to accomplish these goals more efficiently. By selecting the best mailing methods, bidding competitively, printing multiple campaigns at one time, involving suppliers in the planning process, and working closely with vendors to ensure the best pricing, we keep your costs to the absolute minimum.

(Ask us about the time we saved one of our clients $2.67 million on its direct mail program.)

Direct mail still generates the majority of revenue for most organizations, making it vital to the success of any multichannel program. Whether you want to start a new direct-mail program, or you have a tried-and-true package you think could be improved (hint: It can)get in touch with us right away.


We live by empirical data. Once we agree upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with you, we set our sights on not only meeting but exceeding them. And to do so, CCAH lives and breathes programmatic testing. We let the numbers guide the strategy. Whims, indulgences and random guesses are counterproductive at best and detrimental at worst.

Our in-house analytical staff works with our integrated client teams not only to measure the results of direct marketing efforts, but also to turn those measures into actionable strategies for improving each client’s fundraising program. We provide a holistic picture of your donor file and behavioral trends that inform strategic planning and future tests.

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When you work with CCAH, your campaigns will grab the attention of your audiences, inspiring them to donate, advocate, and build an even deeper relationship with your cause. The CCAH creative services team works collaboratively with account teams to create award-winning multichannel campaigns.

Our designers bring the full scope of technical and creative knowledge, using cutting-edge design thinking to produce fundraising and advocacy campaigns that inspire and engage.

Our in-house copy writers are masters of adopting the voices of our clients’ signers and infusing copy with the emotional power that will motivate readers to take action. By combining a passion for crafting the perfect message with a knowledge of industry best practice, our writers will work with you to convert your goals into results.

Whatever you need – renewals, acquisition, upgrade campaigns, rapid response – CCAH’s creative teams will turn around the best product on time, every time.