Mad, Disappointed But Still Fighting

At CCAH, we are shocked – but not surprised – by the Supreme Court’s decision today to overturn Roe v. Wade.

First, to make it resoundingly clear, we stand with those whose right to make decisions about their bodies, their childbearing, and their economic well-being has been stripped away today.

We also know we are seeing the effects of a long-term strategy by the most extreme elements of the GOP who took over the Party long ago, pushing their candidates and legislation to the right, and pushing through ideological justices who were intent on today’s outcome.  They’ve been plotting since as long as I’ve been in this fight.

We are mad, disappointed and still in disbelief.

But we are committed to doubling down in our fight.

Our partnership with organizations who vow to protect reproductive justice – like our longstanding client, EMILY’s List – who have been in the trenches of this fight from the beginning. And we will continue to channel these emotions into action. Even now, there is still so much that can be done and must be done to ensure that millions of Americans can still terminate a pregnancy if and when they choose.

CCAH is committed to doing everything it will take to fight against this trend of right winged injustice. The reversal of Roe v. Wade alone puts so many of the decisions that we have agreed are outside the purview of the law – how we identify ourselves, who we marry, etc. – back under legislative jurisdiction. And it will impact all of us economically – from the size of our families to availability of a significant portion of the American workforce.

In this moment, where the clock is being turned back to a past before women were recognized as equal to men in the eyes of the law, at CCAH, we will proudly support clients who champion the right to abortion, from nonprofit and advocacy organizations to political candidates.

This is our company’s commitment, in addition to all that our staff do personally to promote the rights of Americans and a stronger democracy.   

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