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CCAH Takes Data Security Seriously

Here at CCAH, we know that our clients rely on us to be partners in keeping their data secure. Whether it’s transferring data from a CRM to a mail shop or storing data for analytics purposes – we maintain secure procedures and processes to keep data safe.

When personally identifiable information is on the line, the stakes are high! Insecure data processing could lead to identify theft via hacking, and no nonprofit (or any organization type) wants to open themselves up to that.

So, as consultants, how do we model and encourage smart data behavior for everyone we work with?

First, it’s important to make sure everyone buys into the why. Knowing how great the risk is helps people overcome any hesitation about using a process that may be a click or two more complicated than emailing a file.

Second, it’s important to make the how very clear! A process document for each individual client noting how data moves and who is involved is a great tool for maintaining continuity if someone new joins the account. Using email templates in communications about data helps create a familiar system for you and the recipient that indicates you all should use secure procedures for transferring any resulting data. Finally, communicating early and often about schedules helps to head off any last-minute needs that could result in some procedures falling by the wayside.

What’s next at CCAH?

In the service of keeping data as secure as possible while also making processes as easy as possible for everyone involved, CCAH is migrating to a new platform called NextCloud! The user experience with this new service will be similar to many other online services that require a username and password for each user, and there’s a great feature that allows file sharing with people who don’t yet have NextCloud accounts – similar to Dropbox!

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