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So, your online and mobile engagement is on the up and up … Now what? Here at CCAH we’re always on the hunt for effective, exciting ways to convert online and mobile engagement into gifts. If you’re looking for the best way to capitalize on engagement, launch an online activist conversion campaign!

Activist conversion campaigns help our clients use engagement from community leaders and involved citizens to make a case for giving. These activists care about your organization and are engaged in your mission, they just need a little extra nudge to become financial supporters. These campaigns use targeted messaging that excites and entices this specific segment of potential donors based on their recent online actions.Donate (2)

If this campaign sounds like what your organization needs, here are some tips to make your activist conversion as successful as possible:

  • The best Activist Conversion campaigns happen on the phones. Engaging with donors on the phones is the smartest way to take advantage of online engagement. The quicker you can connect with a donor after engaging them online, the more likely they are to give. Phones are also the fastest way to receive feedback from donors and make necessary adjustments to the messaging if needed. Be sure to have 3 asks, as donors typically do not decide to give on the first ask.
  • Activist Conversion campaigns are investments. Similar to a prospecting campaign, activist conversions are all about bringing interested people into your organization as a donor. These campaigns usually do not net money, but the investment per new donor is roughly the same as reinstating a lapsed donor on your file.
  • Focus on your audience. While activist conversions are similar to prospecting campaigns, there are some important differences. The audience for activist conversion campaigns have already demonstrated their interest in your organization – so it’s up to you and your messaging to encourage them to take the next step and make a donation.

With an ever-changing market, it’s important to constantly try new ways to keep current donors interested and keep a steady stream of new donors coming in. Activist conversions are an excellent way to take your fundraising to the next level. Don’t be afraid to test a new approach to your program, you never know what will happen!

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