This Earth Day, Join the Fight

At a young age, I found it imperative to learn about and appreciate nature. As a kid, I remember going on field trips to our local marsh to plant trees and joining environmental clubs at school to raise awareness and participate in clean-up events. Environmental issues have always and continue to be significant to me because although our society continues to make significant progress in securing for ourselves a better future, it will only go so far if we don’t have an inhabitable planet in the future.

That is why Earth Day is so important. A day where we come together as a global community to bring to light some of our most pressing environmental and social issues, while raising awareness for sustainability and fighting for environmental protection.

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And for some, it is a daily fight. Take a glimpse at
some of the extraordinary work that a few of the organizations that CCAH supports are doing every single day.

The Trust for Public Land protected 51,907 acres
in 2017 alone
. They completed 187 park and land protection projects and opened 41 new parks in
cities across the country.

Ocean Conservancy continues to work to confront ocean acidification, protect the arctic, restore the Gulf of Mexico, create sustainable fishing, and more. They also host coastal cleanups in more than 100 countries around the world. In 2015, 800,000 volunteers collected more than 18 million pounds of trash.

LCV photoLeague of Conservation Voters puts up a consistent fight to combat the climate crisis, even more so now that the Trump administration is threatening all conservation efforts. LCV continues to defend federal environmental protections, advance progress at state and local levels, and build long-term political power to fight climate change at a at a local and federal level.

The Earth day movement has been a catalyst for
the global collective response to raising awareness and preserving our planet’s future for the day. However, these organizations have made it their lifetime fight.  

Whether on land or in the water, whether by grassroots activism or through policy setting, these organizations are fighting to ensure our planet’s sustainability. And CCAH is working to further
their mission by leading behind-the-scenes efforts while they continue to forefront the fight for our Planet Earth.   

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