Prepping for Renewals

iStock-588234740.jpgWith 2017 right around the corner, a new fiscal year is about to begin for a lot of different organizations. And along with a new fiscal year comes a brand new renewal series. So whether you are starting fresh with a brand new R1, or moving forward in the middle of a renewal series, it is time to begin prepping for the year ahead. 

Have no fear because we are here to give you the 3 best tips you should be considering when prepping for your renewals!

1. Start at the beginning

Start with taking an in-depth look back at this past year’s renewal series. Pull an entire series, and lay them out in front of you and evaluate where the shortfalls were.

  • How were your single and multi-donors performing over the course of the series? Evaluate segment by segment. Figure out if there are segments that are costing you more to mail than they are bringing in.
  • Are your later renewals performing better than your earlier ones? If so, what could be causing that? We know that our R1 and R2 are supposed to be the best renewals in the series, so if your R4 is performing better than your R2 … Houston we have a problem.

2. Testing

Testing is something that everyone should be consistently doing in their renewal series. Before planning your new renewal series, make sure to look back at your past testing and see what worked and what didn’t. Here are some great tips to consider when planning to test:

  • Did you just have a great acquisition and bring in a whole bunch of new bodies? Test some messaging in your renewals that is similar to the messaging those new donors were brought in on.
  • Ask your colleagues about what they have been testing. What’s been working for other people? Don’t be afraid to borrow smart ideas.

3. Timing and Preparation

An important thing to consider is that while you are busy prepping for your upcoming renewals … so are a whole bunch of other organizations. Being timely and being prepared are the most important tips anyone can give you.

Keep in mind, the end of the year is always a crazy time for production vendors. Make sure that you have gotten in any requests for Member Cards early so that you don’t miss any mail dates.

Prepping for the renewals doesn’t have to be terrifying. It is a great time to sit down and do some goal setting, much like we do in our personal life every New Year. Follow these simple tips and you will be on your way to a successful year filled with an amazing renewal series!

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