When You’re With Her, You’re With Them

CCAH_onstage.jpgOne of the proudest moments of my life came when I was standing on stage behind Secretary Clinton, celebrating her resounding victory in the South Carolina Democratic Primary. While on stage, I initially thought about how proud I was of her, how proud I was of our team, and how proud I was of myself for not nervously shaking too much. As I listened to Secretary Clinton talk about what the campaign had done so far, and about what the campaign sought to do, various images from the weekend came to my mind. 

SC_Doorknocking.jpgThese images were of the people who committed to vote for her, the people who opened their homes to us so that we could rest up before we went out and continued to canvass for “their” candidate. They were of the people standing in their front door frame, passionately explaining to me why they were with her, and in some cases, inviting me inside their homes just to get to know them. They were of the volunteers in the field offices in Charleston, Summerville and Columbia, phone banking for Secretary Clinton, chatting with their new friends (like Chelsea Clinton), and of the energetic field organizers working 15 hours a day, but having the energy to get everyone fired up. But as each image passed through my mind, I knew which ones would stick with me the most.


When people ask me why I support SHRCinSC2.jpgecretary Clinton, I know I can tell them many reasons. But most of all, I tell them that I’m with her because of her outstanding record of fighting for children. As a former swim coach and camp counselor, I know that working with and on behalf of all children is the ultimate responsibility. Secretary Clinton’s efforts to expand children’s access to health care, her focus on guaranteeing that all children have high quality early childhood education, and eradicating injustice in the juvenile justice system are three of the major reasons why I’m with her.

That’s why meeting the children of South Carolina were the images that stuck with me the most. Whether I was watching a middle-school aged boy make calls for her in Columbia or placing “H” stickers on the hands of toddlers in North Charleston, my reasoning behind supporting Secretary Clinton was reaffirmed. When you are with her, you are with them.

I can’t think of any work I’m prouder to be a part of, and I’m so lucky that I have a wonderful team to do it with.

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