Did You Know….? Part III

Did you know CCAH President Kim Cubine was drawn to the District’s fast-paced lifestyle since childhood? The third installment in the “Did You Know Kim Cubine” blog series focuses on her professional journey in Washington D.C., from working in a call center to playing an integral role in President Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign.

The allure of the nation’s capital captured Kim Cubine’s imagination when she was just a preteen. Kim traveled to Washington, DC for the first time with her family and fell in love – a love that lasted. So, following her college graduation, it was only natural that she would move to the District. The fact that she didn’t have a job or know anyone there were simply minor details to be overcome.

Kim made ends meet by taking on a variety of part-time jobs. One position was at a telemarketing firm that served several political and women’s interest clients. Here, she honed her leadership skills by managing the firm’s call center floor. Kim’s performance caught the attention of one of the firm’s clients, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and she was offered its head of marketing position.


This job combined two of her passions: politics and campaigning. At the DCCC, she oversaw marketing initiatives for President Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign. Following Clinton’s reelection, Kim transitioned out of the position of marketing director at Clinton-Gore ’96 to advance staff in the Clinton Administration and was Senior Advisor to the White House and Democratic Party Committees for Presidential events.

Among her many accomplishments, she organized the logistics for domestic fundraising events including multi-million dollar inaugural celebrations, as well as for international political proceedings such as bilateral summits in London and Portugal and at the United Nations.  

Within her first decade of living in the District, Kim had carved out a niche for herself by navigating the city’s political landscape. She had an impact in the city of her dreams, an experience that someone who had once toiled in tobacco fields could never have imagined.

 She had traveled extensively across the United      States in cities large and small and met ordinary and  extraordinary citizens. She even traveled abroad.

In  Spain, Kim met the King. Elsewhere, she rode in an elevator with the president of the Ukraine. She flew on Air Force One. All in all, it wasn’t a bad showing  for a girl from the little town of Pamplico, SC.

 Our last installment of “Did You Know Kim Cubine”  will examine how a career crossroads led to her  becoming CCAH’s leading executive...

Meg Kross Lee
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