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 greg=Kim Cubine, our president, navigates the fast-paced culture of the District like a native born Washingtonian. As comfortable as she is in the Washington D.C. metro area, did you know that she grew up in a setting much different than where she currently resides and works?

Over the next few weeks, the CCAH Blog will delve into Kim’s past in a series of blog posts titled, “Did You Know Kim Cubine.” The first installment of the blog series revisits her childhood growing up in Pamplico, South Carolina.

Effecting change is a goal Kim pursues every day as president of CCAH. In many ways, her humble beginnings in her hometown fuel the passion that drives her even today.

Pamplico is more than 400 miles and a world away from the nation’s capital. Yet, here Kim witnessed one of the negative aspects of growing up in a sleepy southern town:

Coming of age in a place divided by race and gender. As a teen, Kim realized that the railroad track running through the middle of Pamplico was more than a transportation feature – it was a racial dividing line. In addition, her small town was a male-dominated society that didn’t value the voices of others in any important matter.

Alongside this growing awareness of social problems, Kim faced an eye-opening economic experience in high school that also shaped her thinking. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan fulfilled his campaign promise and made sweeping reforms to economic policy – including phasing out Social Security survivor benefits for students over the age of 18.

Kim’s father died when she was in seventh grade and her mother and siblings were counting on these benefits to help pay for college. In order to ensure her family received financial assistance, Kim started taking night courses at a local community college – after a full day of high school. This experience made Kim see how policies established by politicians affect the middle class, making it difficult for hard-working people to get ahead.

It’s been more than two decades since Kim left the Palmetto State for Washington, DC. She’s found her niche in the direct marketing industry, helping to promote progressive and political causes. She has managed the direct marketing programs of some of the largest, most prestigious campaigns and global nonprofit organizations, including:

    • Hillary for America
    • EMILY’s List
    • The Wilderness Society kim=
    • NARAL Pro-Choice America
    • AARP
    • Democratic Party

Still, it is her early experiences that fueled her desire to fight for the underrepresented. And, they underlie yet another life goal: To one day return to South Carolina and help rebuild the Democratic Party there, making it a true force for change.


Our next installment of “Did You Know Kim Cubine” will examine how her time as a student at the University of South Carolina ignited Kim’s passion for politics.


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