Turning Retweets Into Revenue

Damien ShirleyBy Damien Shirley, Account Executive | Republished from the June Edition of DMAW Marketing AdVents | They Like you. They Follow you. They Share and Retweet your content. They joined your social networks. Now, what do you do with them?

We all know that social media is incredibly valuable. Combined, Facebook and Twitter boast nearly 1.5 billion monthly active users. Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram were all within the top ten iOS apps downloaded last year.

The ever-expanding size and influence of social media raise important questions. How can your nonprofit get the most out of social media followers? How can you recoup investments made in social networks?

Integration is the key to leveraging social networks successfully. By crafting online campaigns that span multiple digital channels, you can move social media supporters up the ladder of engagement, helping confirm that likes and retweets become email signups, actions, and gifts.

Ask for Online Action
To begin deepening your social networks’ engagement most effectively, ask followers to take an online action. Signing a petition or taking a survey are low-bar tasks that your followers (who are accustomed to relatively quick and easy asks like sharing or posting photos) can accomplish with little difficulty.

Online actions should include both an email address field and an email subscriber opt-in pre-checked box. That way, in taking the requested action, your social media followers automatically convert into email subscribers. This conversion should insert them into such email communications as a well-thought-out welcome series, enews, fundraising, and additional action and stewardship asks. The process increases the probability that, down the road, followers will become donors as they continue to engage with your organization.

Donate After Action
By asking supporters to do a little more at a time when they are most impassioned and engaged, after-action asks of all kinds can effectively drive and motivate. An additional action deepens connection to your mission. For example, when a potential donor shares the action they just took on their own social networks, a single action reaches even more people. Afteractions also provide a terrific opportunity to convert action-takers into donors by implementing the donate-after-action ask.

Ideally— to catch the attention of your action-takers and increase the likelihood they will go that extra step and give a gift—use messaging similar to that which prompted the initial action. Donate-afteraction asks are a proven method of directly converting the drive and motivation of your action-takers into financial support.

Remember, your social media followers like what you do and want opportunities to become more involved. By moving them up the ladder of engagement through a series of escalating asks—maximizing those times when they are most motivated and engaged—you can successfully move your supporters, followers, retweeters, and sharers into email subscribers, action-takers, and donors.

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