Expanded work with EDF proves direct mail is not dead

EDFBy Kim Cubine, President | For anyone who thinks direct mail is a dying practice, we’d like to offer you some evidence to the contrary – We’re thrilled to announce that our long-standing client, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), has expanded its multichannel marketing efforts to include direct mail. That’s right, EDF ADDED direct mail to its digital and telemarketing fundraising outreach efforts. Our team’s continued strong performance across each channel led to the increased direct marketing responsibilities. 

Under the expanded contract, we’ll fully integrate our digital and telemarketing campaigns with direct mail to help further the EDF mission of addressing our most significant environmental challenges with innovative answers. EDF works to find practical and lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems spanning the climate, oceans, ecosystems and health.

We continue to see the most dramatic results for our clients when their supporter outreach efforts are truly integrated across all marketing channels, helping ensure a seamless and cohesive experience for donors. Adding direct mail to our digital and telemarketing campaigns for EDF proves that, contrary to some reports, direct mail is far from ‘dead’ and remains a vital piece of the direct marketing puzzle. 

Please join me in congratulating the EDF team for its exceptional performance across all channels and for expanding our working relationship.  We look forward to helping EDF achieve its organizational goals and continued success!

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