Take Our Challenge!

Most production houses mark up your project 15–20% depending on quantity. We never mark up. We either establish a monthly retainer or a cost per piece. One client, a communication company, gets charged just 3 cents a piece. That’s just 7% based on its quantity.
A savings of 8–13%!
And we’ll produce big savings for you, too. With our buying clout, you’ll get the best prices. And there are no markups. Ever! We’ll even eliminate the need and cost for in-house production staff and their benefits. We also have the big agency experience that production houses simply can’t offer. Which means people who are thinking broad, big picture for you.
Working with CCAH on production means: More savings. More quality. More buying power.

Whether you’re looking for a la carte production service. Or the advantages of a full-service agency.
So take our Production Challenge and see what we can do for you. We have never seen a package yet that we couldn't save money on, without sacrificing quality, or performance.