Production Expertise

What nonprofit marketing officer hasn’t had the directive to cut costs and increase the program net revenue? Organizations like yours are faced with the rising costs of postage, paper and gas which drive up the cost of direct mail programs. At CCAH, we buck the trend by implementing best practices that deliver savings that can add up to millions of dollars for clients.  

Our production department is committed to providing top-quality, budget-conscious services to a wide range of charities, nonprofits and associations. Through our long-standing best practices, CCAH is able to sidestep increases in the costs of printing and mailing by identifying innovative ways of saving our clients money – without sacrificing quality or the creative concept.

We closely examine all aspects of a campaign to determine areas of optimization – selecting the best mailing methods, bidding competitively, printing multiple campaigns at one time, involving suppliers in the planning process and working closely with vendors to ensure the best pricing.  All of these tactics help CCAH produce the absolute best packages for our clients that not only save significant amounts of money, but continue to out-perform previous programs.

Our cost-savings case study provides some additional insight on how CCAH helped save one of our clients $2.67 million on its direct mail program. Contact us for a free comprehensive cost analysis for your program.