Pete Carter, VP of client services & the leader of our List department

Pete Carter

Principal & Senior Vice President

A little bit about Pete...

    • How long have you been with CCAH? Since February 1995
    • Which one client project are you most proud of? So many! Meeting budget goals for clients in tough years is always really gratifying, though. 
    • Hometown: Washington, DC
    • What super hero can you most identify with? Spiderman. He’s a bit neurotic, but gets it done.    
    • What secret talent do you have? Badminton. Really, I’m great.
    • What is something that you find surprises most people about you when they learn it? My time in prison. A women’s maximum-security prison, as a VISTA volunteer. 
    • Are you passionate about anything like opera, Civil War, Lincoln, disco, Hootie & the Blowfish? Florida Gator football.
    • What’s the most embarrassing song you know by heart (we won’t tell anyone…)? The entire soundtrack to “Beaches.”  
    • If you had to state your “theme song,” what would it be? “The Hard Way” by Mary Chapin Carpenter