Personalized Acquisition Strategy

If you’re interested in finding new customers, new donors, new supporters, or new subscribers, let the CCAH Acquisition Department sharpen your aim.

What sets our Acquisition Department apart is that we’re actually a department.

We sit right alongside the account teams and the list brokers so we can take the creative challenges and successes into our targeted list plans.

What’s more, you get a dedicated list expert working on your account.

    • No jack of all trades. 
    • No cookie-cutter list strategies. 
    • No short cuts taken to make time for other things. 

At CCAH, list selection is centralized. So you get the benefit of our knowledge bank of list and targeting information and crossover experience that can really increase your ROI.

And our deep experience in the nonprofit sector offers extra dividends for our commercial clients in terms of techniques and tactics. At CCAH you always get the high level of consistency you need and deserve.

We’re very risk averse and will never present a risk-happy plan that places you recklessly in peril. Every targeted list selection plan is balanced with the best prospective donors or customers (and some testing depending on your appetite and comfort zone). 

So talk to CCAH today for your prospecting needs. 

We’ll sharpen your aim and help you hit your targets…for less.