Interactive Services - Digital, Mobile, Telemarketing

Today’s increasingly mobile world had placed a priority on truly integrated direct marketing campaigns.  Since 2000, a multichannel approach has helped CCAH deliver award-winning campaigns for our clients.  Through innovative best practices that combine digital, telemarketing and mobile outreach with traditional direct mail, we are showing global organizations that interactive services are the keys to developing and growing relationships with their supporters.  

Our specialized team approach, complete with subject-matter experts, is unique. We have the benefit and strength of an in-house team – from concept development to technical programming – to truly integrate programs across all channels and maximize donor engagement and clients’ investments.

Our robust team includes strategists, coders, and designers of every stripe, whether you are looking to get that second gift, increase your renewal and retention rates, convert subscribers and activists to donors, or to grow your prospecting file, CCAH's Interactive Department can craft the integrated program that will meet and exceed your goals.

Contact us, we'll ensure that your programs not only keep up, but are at the forefront of industry practices.