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BACON, the new SPAM?

Posted by CCAH Admin on Apr 27, 2012 1:56:00 PM

By Dan Atherton, Interactive Department 

A few weeks ago at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (#12NTC) in San Francisco, I gave a presentation on predictive donor value metrics along with CCAH's own Brenna Holmes, Mathew Grimm of Environmental Defense Fund, and John Clese of Avectra.


Part of the discussion dealt with the increasing importance of predicting how members of your organization's email file will engage with your emails. There are many reasons for this -- keeping the trust of your constituents, not wasting your own time sending emails nobody will respond to, getting more of the right asks in front of the right people, among others -- but one reason that many nonprofits are not yet aware of is the emphasis Email Service Providers (ESPs) – like Gmail – are starting to count interaction when they're deciding which emails are sent to a subscribers' SPAM filter. 

It's getting harder and harder to get your emails in front of your constituents' eyeballs.

Not only are ESPs like Gmail and Hotmail creating "priority" inboxes and "greymail" (aka BACON) folders to keep your messaging away from your constituents, but they're also starting to judge the "spamminess" of emails based on how users are interacting with those messages -- in real time. 

For more information on this, I recommend two excellent posts, one by Peter Genuardi at Giveo, and the other by Brett Schenker at Salsa

You should read both, and if you're not starting to identify tools you can use to determine whether your emails are being placed in SPAM filters, you should -- or your email might be one of the almost 25% of emails that now end up in the SPAM box.

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