Analytical Services

At CCAH, our analytical systems and testing philosophies set us apart from our competition. Direct marketing strategy should be based on sound evidence and testing results, not just seat-of-the-pants hunches. We use rigorous testing and analysis to determine the best strategies for our clients and make the most of their marketing.

CCAH strongly believes that regular testing is the best way to improve any direct marketing program. We work with each of our clients to develop a testing agenda that will provide them with the greatest benefits and best results.

Another of our strengths is targeting. CCAH is an acquisition powerhouse, and we have been able to grow our clients' donor files through many innovative targeting techniques.

We tie all of our testing and targeting together with analysis that provides meaningful and useful metrics. Our in-house analytical staff works with client teams not only to measure the results of direct marketing efforts, but also to turn those measures into actionable strategies for improving each client's fundraising program.

Do you want to improve your direct marketing program? Contact us CCAH has the analytical systems and testing philosophies that not only sets us apart from our competition but sets your organization up for success.