Are you excluding telemarketing outreach from your direct marketing program?  If so, your organization is missing out on a huge opportunity to make a personal, one-on-one connection with your donors. And that includes major donors, who are highly responsive by phone.  In fact, your most loyal donors are twice as likely to upgrade their giving when contacted by phone. 

As the only direct marketing firm with an in-house telemarketing department, CCAH provides our customers with unmatched access to the best call centers where, every year, we are able to leverage our more than two million contacts to ensure our clients get the most attention and the best service. Our team of experts has developed and launched award-winning campaigns that have nearly tripled monthly giving programs and doubled annual incomes for our clients.  

CCAH provides personalized attention – we know your cause, your audience and the best approach to meet your goals.  We combine innovative strategies with rigorous testing to ensure that telemarketing efforts not only bring organizations top dollar, but also serve as an effective means of bonding with members.

    • Members who respond by phone can increase their long-term value by 40%.
    • Sustainer programs can be doubled in just one year.
    • An emergency telemarketing campaign can be launched within hours so that members are up-to-date and taking action when time is critical.
    • Members can be upgraded into mid-level and major donor levels at twice the rate using the phone.
    • Some members should be contacted by phone earlier than others - timing matters
    • The phone can do more than raise money - it can and should also bond members.
    • Major Donors are very phone responsive.

We are confident that our telemarketing experts can make a difference in your program. Contact us to get started.